Introducing the model BM300 from Boxmaking Machinery.





This digital printer powered by the HP FI-1000 print engine is perfect for printing on cardboard, bags, envelopes, and other inkjet receptive materials.

Our next-generation overprinting system which leaves everything else in the past.  The BM300 offers a bigger print area, more resistance to the elements, and a long printhead life. Enabling high-quality, full-color printing directly onto materials with ink-receptive surfaces such as cardboard, postcards, boxes, paper bags, wooden planks or thicker objects like blister envelopes and folded boxes ready for shipment, the BM300 uses pigmented inks that provide superior durability and have been tested for optimized lightfastness, water durability, and scratch resistance.


Single pass CMYK printing is the perfect choice for marking, coding, and direct printing.



Specifications for the BM300 using the HP FI-1000 print engine technology

Printhead Width: 297mm

Print Speed 
18ips (27m/min) -1200x1200dpi

Max Width: standard 1000mm material width / printing 297mm
Max Length: 1520mm 
Maximum Thickness: No theoretical limit

Driver Type: Windows printer driver
Electrical: AC100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 155W